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Posted in 2.0, Internet by Søren K on juli 24, 2007

Via Tvesok, I just found the following video.

That is: Via his I found a webpage, where it was embedded from metacafe – a online video-something pretty much like YouTube. To embed the video here, I hit ctrl+t to open a new tab, wrote “”, hit enter, typed “Shift happens” in the searchline at the top of the youtube frontpage (Didn’t even have to look for it – I knew where it was), and found the appropiate video among the search results, hit ctrl+c to copy the link adress and typed the code to embed the video here:

In some ways, it is just too american. It’s like some kind of sci-fi horror story: The future is here, and it will kill you! Be scared!

On the other hand: What I tried to describe in the beginning of this blogpost, is that the video in some ways are spot on. My pc (nickname: Tosh) isn’t just a computer. It has become some kind of extension of myself. I’m sitting in front of it most of the day. Much of the communication I have with other people, is via MSN or mail (alternative: Mobilephone/sms). I read the news online. I play games online. All my music is either ripped to my harddrive or streamed from the net. I panic when there’s trouble with my ISP. I even know what an ISP is!

The other day, when one of my friends came by (after talking to me on MSN), he got up to have a look on the weather outside. He was about to go home, and would just check if there was rain coming up, and I was all: “Hey, why do you look out the window, to check the weather? Have a look at DMI instead – they’ve got up-to-date radaranimations of the weather!”

My point is that the times they are a’changing, and they’re changing really, really fast! This august it’s ten years ago i went to LTC – a folk high school in Ødsted (a really, really small town 15 km southwest of Vejle). We were 14 young people in an former nursing home. There was one pc in the library, and I had an old 286 with monochrome display in my room – but I was the only student out of 14 who had a pc! There was one (1!) payphone for all of us to share – noone had a mobile phone yet. And noone had a car, so we were actually pretty much isolated in that little town in the middle of nowhere. We had to go by bus or bike, if we wanted to get to the movies or a café or something like that – and the latest bus departed from Vejle at 9.30 pm …

Today at LTC, every student have a mobile phone. Most students have their own laptop, and there’s wifi and some highspeed-connection to the internet. There is a computerroom with 5 or 6 pc’s – all connected to the internet.

Try to think about how your world has changed in the last 10 years (and leave a comment about it) …

PS: Just got caught up by the video, and found myself thinking that I’d better prepare for the future by blogging in english. Which is pretty much not my native language (as you might have guessed)! Sorry about the bad language – first time since high school i’ve written such a long text in english … I expect to feel better (or to embarrassed!) in a few days and switch back to danish ;-)


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  1. schjelde said, on juli 24, 2007 at 22:29

    Ai tink yur ænglisj is væri impressive, Ai kud nod hav don tat såv mani jirs afder hajskuul.
    Resbaegd mr. Kiilerich.

  2. Trine-Maria said, on august 20, 2007 at 17:35

    Hej – jeg tror du blander noget sammen? Jeg har ganske rigtigt blogget om videoen – men jeg har ikke noget med blogbogstaver at gøre? :-)

  3. Søren K said, on august 20, 2007 at 17:37

    Det kan du da i den grad have ret i … Beklager. Jeg retter med det samme.

  4. Trine-Maria said, on august 21, 2007 at 13:26

    Tak for det :-)

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